Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Iconism is a term I came up with for a style of drawing I invented. Pen and Ink work is usually done in dots, slashes and crosshatching. I figured, why couldn't those marks on the paper be different? Why couldn't they reflect a meaning to go along with the subject of the drawing? My answer was, "They could!" So I came up with a series of marks that, in themselves, had meaning. In the series of drawings below, you will find the marks ">", "~","T","O", and others such as tiny fish and 6's. These are all spiritual drawings, because the technique lends itself to that subject. The first one is the first one I ever did with this technique and thus, ICONISM was born. Using icons for the marks in a pen and ink drawing.

The first one is entitled, "Forgive Them" and it was my conception of Jesus praying for the world. The rocks are made up of thorns, as the earth is a thorny place to live. His loin cloth is made of crosses. The sky is made of "tears" both watery and bloody. And His body is made of circles which denote "everlasting" and "everlasting love".


roseart said...

You are truly a genious! These ICONISMS are phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there's anyone out there that can top your work! Amazing!

Sharon said...

You are very talented, a true gift from God. Your style is very unique and I like it very much.